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"M-Squad - Couples Fighting Together For a Love that Lasts Forever"

Saturday, July 29, 2023


The Support You Need

Stop struggling alone....Get OUT OF ISOLATION into Safe Space where the two of you can navigate faster to your Ultimate Relationship Goals

The communication the two of you deserve

Stop blaming, arguing and discouraging each other and learn new ways to communicate WHAT YOU REALLY WANT in a way that is non-combative, non-threatening and ultra efficient

access to knowledgable experts who can help you

Learn how to fight the right enemy in the right ways... g... stop fighting over money and learn how to get on the same page... heal from your brokenness so can GROW TOGETHER instead of being torn apart.

The Next Event Starts In....

Featured presenter

Danny Williams

Danny Williams is an author, speaker, and coach who penned the book Marriage Assessment: 8 Keys to Relationship Health and Incalculable Wealth to help couples understand that giving up or staying unhappily stuck are not the only available options when faced with relational difficulty. The challenges of marriage prompted him to create what he calls a Transformational Relationship System which helps couples GROW IN LOVE by strategically doing what thier unique, one-of-a kind relationship needs to thrive. His ultimate mission is to help people grow in all the key areas of life to actively pursue the promise of LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.


Elary Allen Hall

Elary Hall is passionate about helping families restore faith in love and do the important work through powerful one-on-one, couple, and group relationship coaching. After enduring significant personal and family challenges, she accepted the call to help others in the very areas in which she once struggled. Elary believes in the power of every human being on earth to create the life they choose by understanding and utilizing their thoughts, emotions, and power of action. She and her husband are the parents of four children, three of whom are teenagers. They make their home together in Dallas TX.

What People are Saying...

"This can help couples change EVERYTHING!!!

Craig Brown, Marriage Therapist

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